"Rebel Dean is probably the most successful male Rock n Roll artiste in Britain today"
~ Darrel Higham...

Rebel Dean is a U.K. singer /actor with many T.V. appearances: BBC Casualty (6 years), Only Fools and Horses, Hollyoaks etc. Starring in 20 Films, a Theatre Star for 15 years (West End, London Palladium and World Tours) 10 albums and 4 vinyl singles released.

Rebel Dean

"Rebellion" - New Album

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Recently a male lead in the U.K.s no.1 touring Rock n. Roll Musical - "That'll be the Day", and also the male lead in lots of films. He also released; on Foot Tapping Records, an all original 12 track album (which includes some rockin' celebs), including writing, directing and producing 12 videos to go with it!

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Rock N Roll Heart - CD

Rebel Dean & The Star Cats - "Rock N Roll Heart".


  • PJ Proby

"Rebellion" DVD & "Rock 'N' Roll Gypsy" CD released

"Rebellion" DVD & "Rock 'N' Roll Gypsy" CD available for pre-order now!

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"Rebellion" DVD
"Rock 'N' Roll Gypsy" CD

Also available from: Foot Tapping Records


"Just got an opportunity to play the record, first of all may I say, well done for the pics on both sides, & the songs, well they are as I guessed they would be, 'FANTASTIC'!! xxxxxx Loving it Love U xxxxxxx"
- Sue Collier

"Received my Rebellion C.D. Today. Really is rock n. Roll at its best. Hell of a job Rebel. When's the DVD out?"
- Graham Ebling

"Hot new album with some hot dance floor filling rockers!" - Bob (Bim-Bam Records)

"Rebellion- one of the best new British Rock n Roll albums in many a long year!" - Geoff Barker (BBC. Radio)

"Our Rebellion album arrived today. It is fantastic, please please can we have more? Thankyou for some great music." - Pam Mallett

"REBEL DEAN, The Most Talented, yet Underated Singer, Thats come along in ages.!!! Its Nothing Short of Criminal, that He cant seem to get the T.V. or Radio Exposure, that he so Justly Deserve's.!! Hope this Great Video, and New Album, will Change Everything.!!!" - Graham Hicks

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